Super Science


Rebecca Suzio-Driscoll has worked with the academic community for over 10 years actively participating as a PTO/Booster club parent.  She understands the dynamics behind successful Booster Club fundraisers and funding school activities.  If your booster is interested in innovative fund raising ideas, she is your go-to partner.


Dr. Jeffery Driscoll is a Professional Chemist and holds several hard science degrees including a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry. He has nearly two decades in the armed services including the U.S. Air Force and is currently a U.S. Naval Officer. He served as a volunteer for the NASA Cassini Mission to Saturn outreach project for nearly 10 years. 

He played an active role developing educational curriculum in inner city schools to help spur science interest in children. During his Ph.D. studies Dr. Driscoll taught chemistry, math and physics at The University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Lawrence Technological University.  During his tenure he provided outreach to over 10,000 people and received the Naval Military Outstanding Volunteer Award.  He began the Super Science - Near Earth Object Search in southeast Michigan to detect potential life threatening space junk.  He also actively participates in supernovae discovery.  He encourages the community to get out under the stars and has hosted hundreds of star gazing events at community colleges, community centers, county and state parks around Michigan and Ohio.  While serving as a graduate student he was a daily guest on WDET, Detroit Radio Information Service where he informed the community about exciting astronomy facts.  While serving in a combat theater in the Middle East he continued his love for education by developing curriculum for civilian and military personnel. He has over 40 years of observational astronomy experience including solar observing, Near Earth Object Search, Solar observing, deep space astrophotography and organizing the Sirius Stargazers Club in Southeast Michigan.

Corry Driscoll has Masters Degree in Business Administration with over two decades in the armed services (Army, Navy Reserve and Army Reserve).  He has designed and implemented training programs for civilian and military personnel in a variety of areas.  These programs have been implemented in diverse environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Guantanamo Bay. In addition he has also worked an Adjunct faculty at a division one university.

At Super Science Investigators we believe an exciting educational experience can change a child's life.  Many people often remember an exciting field trip to the planetarium many years or decades after their first experience.  Our founder is just one of those people.  He discovered astronomy in second grade under the dark skies of a planetarium and it changed his life.