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  • Amazing, awesome, stellar, excellent! Tammy P., Teacher
  • I loved Mr. Jeff's star show. Terri Z., 5th grade
  • That was the best star day in my whole life. Come back next year! Stacy L., 3rd grade.
  • You are funny, Austin L., 2nd grade
  • I cannot believe I watched a moon of Jupiter cast a shadow on its surface.  That was truly a once in a lifetime event! David R., Teacher
  • The universe images were truly beautiful inside the dome.  Tammy W., 8th grade.
  • The planetarium show rivals museum shows.  I've seen them both and can't believe how amazing the universe was under a dome in a gymnasium.  Outstanding! James C., 8th grade.
  • Our PTO raised $900 tonight.  Thank you Super Science! Mandy D., PTO 
  • Your day of science was quite an adventure.  Each student took something different away from the planetarium and from the solar observing.  I will recommend your show to other schools. Perry C., Teacher
  • The sky was pretty. Sara L., 1st grade
  • Ooh! I see the sun! Its red! Andy N., 3rd grade
  • I've been to several university observatories around Michigan.  None of them have the quality of optics you provided during the evening viewing session.  Your telescopes are truly outstanding! James S., Science Teacher
  • The best show ever, bar none.  Jamie A., 7th grade
  • This was an awesome experience for the kids.  We will definitely book you again next year.  Ron C., Principal
  • Dr. Driscoll is a very exciting and engaging speaker.  He truly has the passion for what he does.  The kids loved him.  The community enjoyed the evening under the stars.  Thanks SSI! Dr. T., Principal

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February 2015

The students had a great time and it fit in nicely with our "weight" and "gravity" discussions.  Thanks!!!

The kids loved it!  I thought it was one of the best programs we've had so far.  I love the fact that it was science related, and hands on.  When my kids had to write about it in their journal, they all learned something new from it! 

I have to commend you on the planetarium event we had this week!  It was super cool!   The kids loved the hands on activities and they thought the planetarium was about as awesome as it gets!  Very age appropriate, very educational and very fun!  What a great combination!

My class loved the Planetarium and the additional time to fiddle around with all of the cool stuff.  We really never get a chance to set things out and let the kids "play" with them so this was a real treat! 

The kids really enjoyed the program and the science stations.  I would repeat this program in the future!

My students LOVED the assembly.  They said they wish they could do it again.  I also really thought it was great and it fits right in with our science curriculum. 


My students loved the dome and working in the different centers.  This was so valuable and a change from a sit down assembly.  Students love the science and building projects. 

I didn't get to go inside the planetarium but all the activities in the gym looked awesome! Very engaging and hands-on. My students LOVED it!! When I asked them to rate it with a fist (0) to 5, they gave it a ten. All the teachers I talked to had positive comments too. These kind of activities make such a difference in their overall school experience. 


These are comments from the students…….

The second grade students enjoyed the planetarium and the hands on activities very much. 

I thought the activities and Planetarium were a 5 stars.  It showed me constellations that I never thought I could see at my house.
It was excellent~ you don’t get to have those activities at home. I loved playing with the air guns.
  I thought the planetarium was really cool because I felt I was going to outer space. 
5 Stars for the snap circuits~ I built a circuit (connection) with a spinner.
Awesome:  I felt like I was an astronaut getting off a spaceship on each planet.
The air guns and the dinosaur teeth were breathtaking.  I like playing with them. 
Everything was perfect.  It was fascinating and I learned a lot.  I didn’t realize there were that many constellations.   The air guns were fun.
I didn’t know that other planets had moons.  I want my teacher to buy us a magnifying glass for our computer at school.  The hairy spider legs were creepy.
5 star rating because the planetarium was great.  Neptune has a hurricane in the middle.  The great red spot of Jupiter was awesome to see too. 
It felt like we were astronauts traveling through outer space learning about each planet. 
Amazing:  I have never been to a planetarium before.  I liked how he changed the time to see different constellations.  I liked going through the Milky Way Galaxy. 
The magnifying glass was amazing. 
I saw dog bones and blood though the microscope.  Wow! 
5 stars because there was a lot to do:  I got to analyze dinosaur fossils, bones, and teeth. 
 I like traveling through space~ Uranus looked cool (blue) because of the gases in its atmosphere. 

It was a great opportunity to bring FUN into our school.  It is something the students will be able to remember and be able to make connections as we introduce the adventures of Science.


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Here are a handful of the thousands of comments we've received.


  • Dr. Jeffrey Driscoll's Super Science Investigations assembly was the best I've ever seen for engaging and teaching students about our universe, while simultaneously providing some fantastic "hands-on" activities to inspire their love of learning! I appreciate A. Charles for introducing us and to Dr. Driscoll for making time in his schedule to bring us this amazing day of learning and fun!  Teri P., Climax-Peters Elementary.
  • Dr. Driscoll provided an amazing hour of science to my kids, Trisha C. Teacher
  • My boys thought it was "super cool"! They couldn't wait to tell us all about it! What a great idea! Angie W., C.P. Elemenary
  • Your show was awesome.  I can't wait to be an astronaut. Kyle D, 5th grade
  • Mr. Jeff was very funny and made us laugh.  Annie L., 3rd grade
  • My girls have not stopped talking about how cool this was! Crystal E., C.P. Elementary.
  • This was SO amazing, I'm so pleased at how it came together! Thank you so much Allison and Uncle Jeffery!! Sarah G., C.P. Elementary
  • I saw the sun and it was boiling! I love the sun.  Jamie P., 4th grade
  • I loved the stories behind the constellations. Arlene N., 6th grade
  • Dr. D. was so exciting to listen to.  Mike S., 8th grade
  • I watched Jupiter's Moon cast a shadow on Jupiter! Are you kidding me? That was unbelievable! Jay S., 9th grade
  • I've never such beautiful telescopes in my life and the viewing was truly astounding. Maria B. Teacher
  • Our family got to meet new people in the community while doing the evening viewing session.  We made new friends during our evening out looking at stars.  Thanks Dr. D.!  Kayla C., Parent
  • The planetarium show was the greatest thing ever.  Marly D., 4th grade
  • Dr. Driscoll was so great.  He must be a professional talker.  David D., 3rd grade
  • The planet show and deep space images in the planetarium were incredible.  Josh P., 8th grade
  • Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and interesting.  The kids loved the show.  Diane C., teacher
  • Exciting and educational don't quite describe Dr. D's planetarium show.  He is quite an entertainer! Richard T., Teacher