Super Science


EDIBLE SLIME? Everyone love, love, LOVES making edible candy slime! 


CONDUCTIVE PERSONALITIES!  How many kids can line up to create an electric circuit! Kids and parents love this exercise! 

SOUND –  The kids have a great time testing their ability to identify sounds as they shake away in an attempt to locate the two bottles containing the same contents.  Sound simple?  Give it a try.

ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT FUN – Kids get to explore the science of electricity with colorful, fun and easy to identify components.  They simply follow color coded instructions to create different sounds, motion and/or light and watch the results of their efforts come to life.

HARMONICS, RESONANCE, VIBRATION – This station is huge hit with the kids as they demonstrate for themselves how vibrations travel invisibly from one fork to another. They can see the Doppler effect in water and discover how vibration causes objects to move merely by placing the source of the vibration near the object to be moved. See the look on their faces when a seemingly invisible force causes a ping pong ball to bounce.

HANDHELD MICROSCOPES – Kids and adults let their imaginations roam while they explore their own skin, ears, hair, fingernails, and even seemingly invisible items on U.S. currency!  Everything is displayed in real-time on our supplied computer!

ROCK COLLECTION KITS – Students can bring out their inner geologist as they dig through hundreds of rocks to identify their favorite polished rocks, stones and gems.  What is pyrite?  

SUPER-ABSORPTIVE POLYMERS– Watch the reaction of children and adults as they watch a tablespoon of a non toxic, super absorptive polymer expand to fill a quart jar.  

DINOSAUR BONES AND METEORITES – No museum is required when your children explore 40 to 450 million year old dinosaur teeth, Moon and Mars meteorites. 

GEAR EXPLORATION - Thousands of super colorful gears and mechanical components laid out on foam mats allow everyone to stretch their imagination while building something simple or incredibly complex.  Children can harness their creativity as they develop motor skills and hand eye coordination.

MICROSCOPES  - The kids get to explore biology at a level not seen by the human eye.  Slides with slices of plants, animals, insects and cells are available for them.