Super Science


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Weather Permitting

  • Community evening deep-space viewing including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and its moons, Saturn, galaxies, and Nebulae, and other night sky gems.
  • You say yes, book the date, sit back and relax! We do everything for you!​
  • ​Our professionals will create a program to fit any budget
  • Call us today: 734-476-6165
Super Science Day or Night of Discovery

  • Every student, teacher, and faculty can see the show
  • Dozens of hands-on science based activities to choose from
  • Our RATES are SIGNIFICANTLY less than everyone else!

Super Science vs  Other venues

Field Trip Rates*

  • Science Center - $6.00 per student*
  • The Museum (Ontario) - $10.95 general admission*
  • ​Zoo - $9.00 per student general admission*
  • Hands on Museum - $11.00 per adults and children*
  • Cranbrook - $9.50 general admission + $5.00 for planetarium*
  • The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village, $8.00 per venue (village, museum, IMAX theater, Rouge Factory). 1 chaperone required per 10 students.*

* Additional bus fees, liabilities associated with field trips, chaperones, snack and lunch fees, entry fees to other activities once inside, souvenir costs, the  need for substitute teachers to cover classes while teachers are away, not all students get to go on the field trip, etc. 

*as of the last date the price was checked